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fbg young & fbg cash – back 2 back (me & my bro) كلمات اغاني


[intro: fbg young]
let’s get it (what’s up, man?)
these n_ggas already know what it is (it’s younggodumb)
lil’ bro, big bro (cashout 063)
been doin’ this sh_t, we back (huh?)

[verse 1: fbg young]
woke up this morning, called cashout
told brodie, “bring them bands, we ’bout to spaz out” (we finna go nuts)
n_ggas act like b_tches, what is that about? (do it)
on the road to riches, i ain’t switchin’ routes
[verse 2: fbg cash]
i’ve been waitin’ on this call since last night
young on his road to riches, told him, “take flight” (godumb)
i taught young not to trust a f_ck n_gga (they weak)
money over b_tches, it’s just us, n_gga (ching_ching)

[verse 3: fbg young]
yeah, brodie, i hear you, you good (i got you)
i’ma shine like shades, these n_ggas washed up like suds (it’s over with)
keep a small circle, extension cords, we got plugs (they on it)
got a couplе hitters and they don’t show no love (nah)

[verse 4: fbg cash]
wеll, i know you got hitters and your team strong
but if a n_gga disrespect you, then my beam on
my n_ggas shootin’ sh_t, yeah, they stay armed
n_gga disrespect younggodumb, they gon’ need state farm

[verse 5: fbg young]
nah, brodie, be cool, you on parole (be easy)
my n_ggas they ’bout it like takers, gon’ jack his soul
shoot kobe out the nina (that thirty), but it got six more (that thirty, thirty, thirty, thirty)
but he got hit with ten, by then, he’ll fold

[verse 6: fbg cash]
aight, younggodumb, i ain’t worried
ever since i got that thirty, you’ve been ridin’ dirty
i bought you extra clips, so now you keep one in the safe house
i told you n_ggas b_tches, they just lookin’ for a way out
[verse 7: fbg young & fbg cash]
i know n_ggas fake (can’t trust ’em), they see_through
we got weapons like lethal and tote ’em like they legal (brrah)
and in these forces, i’ma chase them dollars (them bands, b_tch)
all i know is benjis, commas, commas, commas, commas (ching_ching, ching_ching)

[verse 8: fbg cash]
i don’t shake hands with illuminati (you will smith)
try me with that funny sh_t and then i’m catchin’ bodies
left young in the trap with a pot of hundreds (ching_ching)
tmd on the door with a bag of money (let’s get it)

[verse 9: fbg young & fbg cash]
trapoline sh_t, we got this b_tch jumpin’ (it’s crackin’)
big homie [?] bought the loud, we smokin’ dope, blunted
run up on me, then you know i’m dumpin’ (huh? let’s get it)
chopper, that’s my sidekick, headshot, he gushin’

[verse 10: fbg cash]
i told young not to hustle, he don’t need to (you don’t)
in traffic lookin’ for a stain, me and diesel
i’m not a paperboy, but i’m a paper chaser (i be gettin’ bags)
big guns and i’m shootin’ like the lakers (boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)

[verse 11: fbg young & fbg cash]
b_tch, we steady bandin’, it ain’t sh_t to do (younggodumb)
load up them .40’s, you know we trained to shoot (what? boom_boom— he dead)
st. lawrence, shoot to live, you know we never lose (l’s, l’s)
off h_lla loud and h_lla goose (cashout, let’s get it)
[verse 12: fbg cash & fbg young]
i’m a businessman, but i ain’t got no suit on
but if i need a n_gga dead, i’ma call two_tone
just left the joint, i swear you n_ggas group home
i got a smartphone (yeah), you chirpin’ off a boost phone

[verse 13: fbg young & fbg cash]
i be with diesel blowin’ money fast
just got off the phone with cash, finna hit a n_gga stash (we lurkin’)
talkin’ crazy to tone, you done lost your noodles (brrat)
concrete him by the feet and let him feel [?] (argh)

[verse 14: fbg cash]
if you see them double doors, better get low
so millie drivin’, outlaw, he got the poles
die l’s for the lam, everybody knows
l’s up for them hitters, f_ck lil’ moe, l’s

[verse 15: fbg young]
and if n_ggas don’t know fbg, that’s us (number 1)
bend your block and murder gang, n_ggas better duck (okay, he dead)
it’s always personal, never business (goofy), good luck (get off)
we need a ransom, so we got him in the trunk (we need that bag)

[outro: fbg young]
this the one, cash
i’m back, n_ggas better stop sleepin’ ‘fore i creep up or some’