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fausteir – visceral romanticization كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
today, i woke up with b_tterflies in my stomach again
with the scent of yours, that was painfully hard to remove
from my jacket that you used to wear
like a shelter, for the days that are hard to bare alone
so you’d pretend i was there

cloudy skies in night time
local park bench, street lights
dreams like these appear a lot
well, i am crazy, but you’re beautiful
[verse 2]
that smile
like an angel fallen from above
the city goes quiet as you whisper
“i’m broken, but it’s alright”
it’s alright

[verse 3]
then the time stopped
as you fell apart on my knees
crying tired crystal tears
and darling in my worst dreams
there never was a scene so wrecking

you said you felt alone, so i made a promise
you’re never alone as long as i am breathing
yeah, that’s how i kept on living
and believing in memories

’cause heaven was by my side
with your glowing eyes and your beautiful smile
laughter was taking over the town
everyone said “look how gorgeous they shine”
[extended chorus]
birds are singing for us
around the flowers on your crown
sound of this feeling is the only sound
when our eyes meet, and our mouth’s are shut

we missed out a whole summer
oh, i wonder
if the timing’s will ever be right for us

but i don’t care
oh no, i don’t care
i’d waste a lifetime
and scream in the middle of the night
as long as you’re by my side
“we’re broken, but it’s alright”