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farway22 – sober thoughts كلمات اغاني


gang, on gang
bacc on da run
craccas won’t leave me alone
might b gone for a minute i’m solid my blood stron
before i lettem get me gotta get ma dukes a home
i refuse to let her struggle while her only son gone
i’m good
i’m straight
lotta sh-t up on my plate
b-tch i’m tryna double up & turn dat 4 into a 8
hit em w da triple cross like i’m young scooter in da a
hottest n-gg- out my city
young goat b-tch im da greatest
the opps want me to fall off hold ya breath and keep on waiting
u gone die tryna knoc me off i put dat on my babies
da p-ssy dope
but her head game crack like da 80s
in da trap everyday stacc my chips up daily
i been grindin real hard it’s kinda tough being patient
i just wanna see a mil n take da hood on vacation
move my mama to la
down there w bron n da lakers
ima get a model b-tch fucc her good n have a baby
family 1st
money 2nd
always put da hoes last
where i’m from it’s hard to live life if u ain’t gotta bag
don’t trust a b-tch cuz they ain’t sh-t they fucc yo bros for dat cash
these hoes dumb
they all crash n go to jail for stealing lashes
last time a b-tch tried me i fucced her cousin i ain’t lien
25 for da p-ssy
only gave her a 3.5
and da last n-gg- tried me b-tch i shot em n da thigh
ask ray reez that ain’t no lie
u cross da gang it’s time to die
i’m off of dat gimme a 10
pop a perky now im high
or i might just pop a bean and fucc ya b-tch till she out
i ain’t da n-gg- u want smoke w don’t b lookin for da clout
100nd bloc
we got it all
we ont neva see a drought
well respected in my city them n-gg-s know wat i’m about
pull up broad day left off da k
at ya mama house
big homie hit now he can’t sh-t b-tch iont hear em talkin now
i fucced his b-tch now ima opp tyke i see watchu talkin bout
when i was broke i wanted beef
i got da bag i want peace
but kade said it 1st u cross dat bridge get swissed cheese
b-tch i been bout dat sh-t
pull up blowin n stolin whips
slide on n-gg-s for a post
check on da snap and pray he hit
all da times god was w me they was shooting nd they missed
im on probation i ain’t suppose to tote this glocc that’s on my hip
but i got it
make da wrong move
b-tch ima pop it
scorin buccets for my team like i’m james harden on da roccets
i can’t b out in da public
without dat glocc up in my pocket
we ont run off da plug
sit bacc and plot take down da socket
real rap
this nun but facts that’s no cap
we ont lettem get da up
but if they do we bust bacc
fucc these b-tchs i b wishing i can take my nut bacc
pull up scoring on yo side of town i took my touchback
b-tch i said i took my touchbacc
pull up scorin on yo side of town i took my touchbacc