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elvisious – thedaymyheartdied كلمات اغاني


[skit: elvisious’ mind]

[mind is racing untraceable thoughts]
and that’s, that’s why….
i remember…
i remember she sai- she said
“i don’t have to care, about you but that..”
and i say to her, i say i’m not tryna be rude but..
you’re the best at taking care of me
i text and i call

[producer tag: elvisious]

860 for life, life, life life !

[skit continues: elvisious’ mind]
i don’t wanna do this i’m trying to push you away but in all honesty
you’re all that i want right nowand she says
she does’t wanna make things worse and she tells me she loves me and thing’ll get better and i say
not to lie to me cause it’s never going to be better without you in my life..

( a phone number is being dialed)