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expire – just fine كلمات اغاني


everything is going fine
going off without a hitch
but soon enough you’ll find
that life’s a f-cking b-tch
because the facts are cold and hard
the needle point is sharp
a picture is worth a thousand words
and a pretty face is worth a thousand broken hearts

how much further can sh-t go south?
before i want to put a gun in my mouth
before i take these thoughts and i act them out
and put it all to an end
can i leave that blood on the hands of my friends?
can i leave that scar on the name of my kin?
where? how? and when?

everything to lose
and nothing all the same
do i leave a legacy?
or do they forget my name?

way too much to chew
for what is now just a thought
hold tight and brace myself
for the day that is not

and when i leave this earth
try not to be too hurt