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everlast – the rain كلمات اغاني


[distorted intro (2x):]
every man’s bound to fall

pain inside my heart
trouble stay on my mind
everything falls apart
(it’s) happenin’ all the time
livin by murphy’s law
tryin to have it all
running from instant karma
every man’s bound to fall

life is short, the grind is long
some of my very best friends are gone
my hustle’s strong my money’s all spent
on buying b-tches t-tties and drugs and rent
work a double shift grind, i can’t save a dime
my daughter needs medicine i just can’t afford
bout to grab a .9, lose my mind
my insurance keeps sayin that they won’t pay for it
i’ll stage the heist, i’ll pay the price
don’t be shocked when i turn to crime, kid
i’m goin big, i might split your wig
cause i ain’t getting knocked for no nickel’n’dime sh-t
all that glitters ain’t all it seems
the american dream is an american scheme
what you’re looking at, what you’re trippin on
who you flippin on, see what i’m grippin on


i’ve been breakin my neck just to live correct
keep my head above water, living check to check
i get no respect, i got no regard
patience is a struggle when times is hard
paper’s in the shortage, tryin to pay the mortgage
i can’t get to work, they repossess my car
bout to buy a pistol and kidnap bristol
tell me b-tch, can you see me from your backyard?
this new world session of the great depression
i’m living off preemptive unchecked aggression
you’re cryin and you’re b-tchin, know it every politician:
my family tradition is heavy ammunition
i c-ck the hammer, i’ma rock the vote
got your forhead on lock, dead in my scope
look me in the eye, what you’re lying for
what you’re living by, what you dyin for