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esgua – ​i’m in paris كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: esgua]
at the mall, you can’t even see them
dirty windows, dirty windows
f_ck your windows, we go through those
stumbling down the stairs, man i’m lurkin’ at your house
i don’t even know you but i’m going through your account
what the f_ck is my life, man? (man?)
million dollar money, put it in my hand (hand)
i just made a statement, but it did nothing
45 minutes ago, i did something
(45 minutes ago i did something)
(i did something)
[chorus: esgua]
i’m in paris, uh uh
i’m in paris, uh uh
you don’t know me like, uh
i’m in paris, uh uh
i’m in paris, uh uh
i’m in paris, uh uh

[verse 2: workinprogresss]
i just robbed a f_cking bank
bypassed the lock and fled from the scene
now my bank statements look bright green
retweets heavy, i’m a hype fiend
and i’m devastating, like tyson
it’s 2023 and i live in the f_cking money world
glass house and i’m throwing sh_t
lights out, where i flourish in
tell me something i ain’t heard before
’cause you f_ckboys never heard more
i know glass pipes, i know what it costs
i know fast money, i know the cause
i know everything, f_ck your girlfriend, f_ck your feelings, f_ck your squad
i still f_cked up money, ‘spite further remarks
i got stacks on stacks, and i keep it sharp
in the back of a truck with some strangers, p_ssed off, sh_tfaced
i need drugs to remind myself i’m not there yet, shots fired, sh_ts laced
never faltered under pressure, i’m still putting up a fight
i’m in paris and this duo eating good tonight
f_ck it