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​erecti6n - the worst diss battle of all time lyrics


epic diss battles of history
bitcrush daisy vs lil erection pill
[part i: bitcrush daisy disses lil erection pill at 2 am (#shotsfired)]

l_e_p, you been having it too easy for too long
i think it’s time for you to stop doing this thing
uh, it’s no more
sh_t, i think i’m gonna go in

[verse 1]
uh, erection pill, more like go soft pill
uh, you say you go for the big thrill, yeah
i go for the, uh, big k!ll, uh
you say you got it tucked like wii play
but i got it tucked, like p_n_s
zenis uh, genis, like the sega console
bars are sonic like the hedgehog
uh, you edge hogs uh
no foot fetish, but i’m a master at handing out defeat uh
you probably like playing with feet, uh
uh, imma p__p imma skeet, uh sh_t
i go hard, like mosquito, cheeto
dorito, tostito, frito
uh sh_t, el doradito
if you say one more word i commit a delito
with this thing i got in my pocket it’s called
this wiimote
uh, you thought that was thе whole thing

(oh, oh, oh)


we was your day ones, real ones, federal criminal
now you leave us out here hanging acting like we liminal
the way we sp_ced out
yeah you left us phased out sh_t son

we gave you the beats, so you could beat the sh_t out of the people in the streets
but you ain’t even contracting these sheets of paper containing a contract
what you gon’ be contracting is these bullets from this tucked ar, uh
you be covering these tracks in the pmc, but in reality you ain’t even trynna hit up me for another album or other sh_t like that
you ain’t even hanging with me boy
you leaving me on read for six months

it’s crazy how you switch up on gang so easy you ain’t even talk to n0body no more, no l_o_g, no me, n0body else from that time sh_t man i miss ya
great stuff (yeah, this is, this is good)
[part ii: chloe has 24 hours to respond]

aye man, it’s ya boy pill
coming at you with the ill will, yeah
this gon be the last beat you hear in your entire life
ight, let’s go, let’s go
yuh, aye, skrrt, skrrt

listen here, chloe, you are a phony (d_mn son, where’d ya find this?)
i said listen here, chloe, you are a phony
and that kinda rhymes, so that is a bar
i bet you don’t even know how to drive a car
and i can drive a car, mine goes very fast
and you are not very fast (d_mn son, where’d ya find this?)
you are very slow
im not saying in a rude way
you are very good at producing and it takes you 10 minutes to even come up with the drums and sh_t
anyways back to the rhyming part
everything i make, is a work of art
art is my fart
that bar does not even make any sort of sense but whatever i’m getting off track (this is a certified hood classic)
chloe, you are a phony
i bet you ass is a brokey
and that is a bar
i just did a triple rhyme
and you can’t even rhyme at any sort of time (d_mn son, where’d ya find this?)
there’s a lot of bitcrush on this sh_t, but it is very lit
you got 24 hours to respond or you will be gone

[part iii: you got something for me?]

stimulating, mind_expanding
safer to use than alcohol
it’s the “in” thing
the hula hoop of the jet generation
marijuana is an intoxicating, mind_muddling drug
and is as much a part of growing up as smoking corn silk behind_ (here we go)


the only flaw here is, he thought he could k!ll me with one last shot b_tch
bitcrush daisy don’t die, chloe run the beat
put on the chloe type beat i’m tired of the jazz sh_t b_tch




sh_t man, that’s kinda sad, but you know

no_ill intent, these words were meant with a lack of threat
but getting to you was as impossible as paying ny rent

you know it’s pretty high out there
like don’t go to ny if you wanna live well

i can rhyme fast and i can rhyme slow
but like the dough, it accumulate the time it takes for you to hit up the bros
you act so real for the appeal but last time you hit me up it was out of interest and not to appear

that’s kinda lame that’s all i’m saying, you know
alright, just give me a second i’ll run it back one more time, i gotta say something else, i can’t just leave you off like that

and by the time you get to call me a phony again
check your corners i got the toolie and the two_piece set
if blood don’t spill, i’ll leave you with a good warning shot for your head
keep your head low if you don’t wanna see me again, b_tch

[outro refrain]

[part iv: crushadaisy]

crush a daisy in my hand
you know that i got a plan
you secretly a fan
daisy, what the f_ck man?
crush a daisy in my hand
you know that i got a plan
you secretly a fan
daisy, what the f_ck man?

why the f_ck you diss me?
i thought that we were friends
but f_ck it since you’re doing this i’ll have to go in
made the first diss as a joke
but you want some f_cking smoke
but be careful with that sh_t you just might choke
that diss you dropped it seems like you rushed it
and you had that f_cking bitcrush sh_t
and those lyrics, i couldn’t understand it
i’m about to collect more info like bandwith
your career is dying so you diss your friendo
and i’m just gonna say that’s bad what the f_ck yo?
that diss you made it seems very lazy
what kind of a name is bitcrush daisy?
you trynna diss me, man that’s a no_no
but i’m afraid that i’mma have to hit you with the low blow
we were supposed to be the dynamic duo
you f_cking wish that you had this rap flow
and all this bullsh_t you know d_mn well is cap
stick to producing, why you trynna rap
you trynna diss me, don’t even come near
you don’t realize, i made your career

crush a daisy in my hand
you know that i got a plan
you secretly a fan
daisy, what the f_ck man?
crush a daisy in my hand
you know that i got a plan
you secretly a fan
daisy, what the f_ck man?

hahaha, i’m just playing chloe you know i still f_ck with you

[part v: dayum, dayum, dayum!]


said you made my whole career but without the label that ends with dropping our sh_t wouldn’t even had appeared
been reusing the same rhymes for the longest time
you been using the “i don’t even know what i’m doing” line since you was rapping from a toilet boy
you didn’t even listen to the actual track before recording a response what the f_ck is that
say my career is dying but i got 3 times your monthlies
say my career is dying but i got a follow from my favorite artists so what the f_ck
i was literally the only reason you started making music on drumbit
you wouldn’t hit up six_nine dropping you would’ve done bit sh_t boy
i ain’t diss you cause “my career is over” is because you act fake outside of pmc borders (boy what the f_ck?)
if you don’t quit bugging huh, the tool gon’ start playing games

it’s all in good fun tho

couldn’t even make a beat had to resort to a looped amen break
that sh_t wasn’t even looped correctly and it wasn’t sped up in the proper manner, uh sh_t

heh, shoutout to you dawg
you’re cool, please hit me up tho, it’s been like a few months

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