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eppic – #flowfebruary day 18 of 28 كلمات اغاني


you’re gonna be ok kid
you’re gonna be. ok

[verse 1]
you probably wanted something more raunchy, filthy, grimy, what is this madness?
i’m about to knock the planet right off it’s axis
the world is my canvas

if you need me, i’ll be laying on the aurora borealis
there’s n0body i got to impress
got a fillet mignon for your mind to digest

i got a way with words
do you think jk rowling would be a fan of my literature
geeking out like a comic book store of nerds

no siree
you ain’t dealing with nursery rhymes
read it and weep
no ghost writer needed
we like to do it live

that’s the cold hard truth
over 9000 like goku
even when i’m out of tune
i’ll deliver a message that you can sink your t–th into

like a lightening bolt to the heart
what a shock to the system, my hearts poundin
can’t plug the outlet
#flowfebruary, what you know about it?