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epic rap battles of ??? – aster phoenix vs bruce wayne كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: aster phoenix]
i’m the unmatched champion ! all my challengers end up the same
first, crack you, you’ll break on your own, now grab your game !
no, not your b_llsack, you pennyworthless waste of money
(sigh) an interdimensional vigilante like me should have been given tony !
flamboyant bird of prey beyond classifications when he enters the stage
while you’re leaving them empty ever since your youngest age
hear the clock ticking down? prepare for a blinding defeat
when a heated pack of heroes hangs a powerless waste by the feet !

[verse 2: bruce wayne]
this sh_m_l_ wants the d, don’t worry, i’ll give it a run for its money
edo’s ego got no equal, for a half_assed rival so secondary
get off your high horse ! with pegasus bankrupt i won’t see you rising
a brat’s ashes stain my suit, so using wayne vacuums i’m advising !
acting so zealous, died to prove you weren’t just jealous
but with your record, as usual, i’m sure you did awful on purpose!
sartorius’s having a breakdown so leave, that’s what’s better
see, i forgot the keys to my cars, so i’ll leave ya ! see ya later !

[verse 3: plasma]
plasma’s summoned ! thank your peeps’ demises
keep w_nking in your cave’s shade as a real dark knight rises
what a strange gambit, batman, we are quite alike
typical hypocritical criminal scum whom i’ll finish tonight!
tighty pansy’s movies, facts, merchandise… such meaningless things
i don’t want this ben affleck goof’s legacy to garnish my wings!
i’ll sn_tch your signal ! with me defending, you won’t ever attack
get out of the dragoon’s dogma ! you’re way more broken than your back !
[verse 4: batman]
lights off, it’s a shadow game ! demons are too frightened to fight
it’s a hard night when the dark knight enters your guard’s sight!
heads up, you’re upside down, your life hanging from a rope
beware the batman who keeps a promise! a teenage vigilante can’t cope
a man turned interdimensonal symbol of justice thanks to willpower
bite the dust for leaving plasma with aster’s father’s murderer!
i deduce a holiday in arkham couldn’t make a mic murderer of this clown
so to the batmobile, i have to square off with the gods that took you down

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