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ephraim lewis - mortal seed lyrics


mortal seed:

shadows sleep coiled in the hand

cast from distant fires

tired eyes so dry

so full of sand

just remember that you won’t take it

you won’t take anymore

please don’t take it

turn around and reach out to the sh-r-


from this mortal seed

turning deep inside

there’s a wound which cannot bleed

for the pleasures we have been denied

all you want to be only we can decide

try to get ahead, but standing

like a statue on the edge

you talk about a new direction

but the words fly out and disappear

high windows shine, the light seems like a sign

but there’s a crowd down there laughing

but don’t seem to hear

oh it’s the same today, always just the same as before

can’t be the same today, step out don’t be afraid

you’ve got the right, got the right for more

chorus to end

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