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enzie – 2020 flow كلمات اغاني


(intro – bruce lee)

empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water –

(verse 1)

tell me is it wack up in the air? rappers scatted off all the gear?
i can map em year to year, like a tracker get distracted send em back like in the mail, not a fraction of them real, catch em lacking run the drill run

running thru this sh-t like a mother f-ckin day job, like i need a f-ckin day job, this big boi business and you b-tches probably made soft, this rap sh-t is under me until yall debts is paid off, these b-tches need a break off

i done learned some sh-t that i know im never gone forget, i might tell it to my children when they really with the sh-ts. i ain’t known for what i give, i’m know for everything i give, that’s why my album came out popping f-ckin’ album of the year

my circle small but my homies know i’d die for em, girls know ill ride for em’, fam good, i’ll manifest the day when we ride all foreigns. brothers face the judge and need a statement, imma lie for em’ this protocol, we living by the code, that’s a life on em’…


yeah, motherf-cker that’s a life on em
ay, ay, ay, yuh

(verse 2)

now i’m the elephant addressed in every room, i know the sky is not the limit, hit the woah up on the moon. nowadays i speak less, and feel more on the shrooms, take control of your emotions before they troll all over you

i seen the come-up way to crazy, i just wave em watch em go, they either try to throw me shade or i just give and watch em grow. no i ain’t playin, i got time for everybody that i know – until they shoot over their heads, they’ll make it further than their homies

this that leave it in the past, this that let all of it go – i feel like i ain’t from this sp-ce but this ain’t rick and morty show. i can not ask for no one help because this broad is so alone, they either ask me for a low or try and book me for a show

try my size on for a day, you wouldn’t make it to the morning. you can take me as i am or f-cken take me to the morgue. boy, this that 2020 flow my sh-t is timeless, feather rolling – f-ck the crown and the awards i’ve been the realest from the go – enzie

profits go to purchase, probably pop it for the percocet – problems on my nerves again, pocket for some services – you watch me like a servant never talk bout what the serpent said – block em, never heard of em, cop it if its furnished (yep)

burners, (yep) – buy whatever whip and show my learners, (yep) – police pull me over not for tickets, takin pictures (yeah?) – who wichu (yeah?) i am high top fade without the clippers yeah – she call when she alone and turn it off when she be wichu yeah, yeah

(instrumental outro)