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emotionofficial – entaché كلمات اغاني


walkin’ right down into a subway, into a place that dwells in my nightmares
here i find everybody grindin’, some are late to work while some are ridin’
everybody doin’ what they wanna do, it is a free world n’ i’m the only one that’s locked in
seein’ greatness unfold right before_ ‘h_lluva dynasty, darkmetalfantasy’

tonight i might fight something that lies inside
designed towards glory but held back by tragedy
i’m a ghost in a tunnel, you claimed to have been lovin’ me
when your only salvation was to depend on me entirely

but behind closеd doors, there’s all forms of malarkey
if i didn’t know bеtter, i’d have been caught up in all of it
if i showed you all of me, you’d run away
be glad of your human heart, be glad that you feel everything