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emmanuel hudson – cheat: the whisper song كلمات اغاني


cheat: the whisper song”

aye how you doing little momma,
can you sit over here,
tell me lil’ sumn i may like to hear
let me get all the answer for numbers 1 through 4
and i’ll tap you again if i need some mo’
girl why you playin cus you know i’m the best
when it comes to the cheating
don’t get caught like the rest
is it a,b,c or d
girl ya need to tell me sumthin for our christmas tree
just tell me number 4, is it a or b
girl gone and move yo’ arm
let me sneak a peek,
yo brad go look in the hall
and if the teacher come back then squall
like “oooh” yeah sumn like that
but you gotta keep it down or she might come back
man i know i’m gone fail
cus this test is wack
should’ve listen to kosher
and just sat in the back

let me see yo’ test
what the answer to this test,
i gotta p-ss,
let me see yo’ test
i don’t wanna fail this cl-ss
i got f’s
f’s [x16]

you smart
so that means i’m gone sweat ya’
forget about ya breast
show ya boy the test
what’s number 10
is the answer b?
or is it c
or is it d
don’t be stinge with the
answer on the page
who cares if we sit close
and get the same grade
the teacher wont know
if we don’t get caught
i cant remember what the
h-ll she taught
so i cheat cheat cheat like a dog
“part 2 of the test is tomorrow”
like daammn man
hurry up quick
i need a few answer
give me 1 through 6
the teacher already know
imma cl-ss clown
that’s why in trying my
best not to make a sound
sound s-
“eyes forward cl-ss
room no cheating


i played madden all night
so i didn’t get a chance to study
teacher keep looking
at me she don’t trust me
report cards drop soon
got a 35 average
i need 48 answer and
i gotta write a p-ssage
don’t be acting like that
–show me some love
is it a or b
or all of the above
don’t pu ya name on it yet
just wait and switch with me when you thru
50 questions test
i’m only sure about two
mark a couple answers wrong just
to make it look real
i gotta cheat sheet sitting under
my heel
i can’t get to it
she keep looking this way
so stretch if it’s b and
chough if it’s a
can you move a little closer
it’s getting hard to see
so just wink when it’s c
and yawn if it’s d
ya bette hope ya answers right
cause if i fail than you the reason
i’m telling on everybody in here
that was cheating

ok pencils down students
p-ss your papers
forward please

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