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emcee n.i.c.e. – iron dove (act ii)(1919 the war) – opening كلمات اغاني


and satan kept his vow to try and discredit the might and power of god
and the iron dove kept his to protect the steeple
until king jesus’s return
while stands the fathers word, the church stands
when god’s word is no more
the church will fall
and when the church falls…
the world
and so began the war, 19:19”

cut to audio of the soldier gathering

iron dove
and what of the enemy

they are hiding in the forrest
trying to wait us out

iron dove
at my signal, unleash belief!
strength & god

strength & god
sounds of wings flapping & soldiers in the background _ horses ride off, wings fly off. the beasts and fire from the enemy is being heard in the distance

the commander dismounts from the horse

commander 2
load the catapults
front line form up for advance
archers ready!

squad leaders
arrrrchhhhhheeeeerrrs! nock!


iron dove flies up into the forest where the cavalry await, he stops and addresses the men and women

iron dove
three weeks from now
i will be in heaven harvesting my crops
talking to jesus, imagine where you will be and it will be so
hold the lines, stay with me
[everyone vows to stay]
saints, what we do in life echoes in eternity
and when the father has that
one on one conversation with you
he will say well done!
believer soldiers
strength & god

iron dove
strength & god

iron dove turns to an archer and nods, giving the signal to “unleash belief” and a flaming arrow is shot through the sky. back on the battlefield, the flaming arrow is witnessed and the war begins

pull, pull!

2nd commander
ready sir!

1st squad leader
archers, ignite!

2nd squad leader

1st squad leader
archers, draw!

catapults fire, archer let loose, flaming arrows. as the iron dove leads the thundering cavalry down through the trees, shouts can be heard from the iron dove and the believers

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