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elysia crampton – chiqui chinchay كلمات اغاني


held, holding me, the house is a river, walls made of bone dust, grounded slabs
held in place, screaming silence, holding me, listening, polished, crying in wheel
reeking sweep, folded cub, curl nascent free frog, areoled back, vested with seedlings
blistered moth hatchlings, winged with awakening
cobalt and intrinsic animation, polished gnash, screaming, t__th of the skin
spitting, cut up by flight, tongue of its flesh, punctured, curling into mud
tiny, furry speckled moth wings, transit, screaming path, propeller, pushing the mouth open
incinerator, fissure, undone, resplendent armory
fire eating sinew, dark weight scorn and amber, breaking, superimposed crimson, brutal, fuchsia
plesia, fuchsia plegic strain, angio chasm of living hand, palmed opening of dawn, breaker
emissary of the rock, agent of light, scathing rust, gnawed by a matocytal violence, maroon
a cyno_pianic obstatia, polychromesis, scaled, larytonal wings, being alive in euric sky
vacuum mouth, brain hole of the cindered cityscape, emberous, emberous growth, corrosive
corroding black avenue, collapsing tunnel, world_eating ox figure, splinters hammered into
vortices of cruel vermilion, heavy liquefaction of oxidized event
radiator, weeping, galvanic, ochres, termite pile, red, iron, nail, acid, orange, impaling
imminence, transvixio, arnal, carcinomatic, umbered carmine, flayed yellowing, rhine bulbeth
steeped heliotone’s grasp, biodive soluphobic meridian, pungent, organ plate, monstrous
pulsing, burning sienna, raw, cadaveric terratrophy, no, this established, psi_selectional
overture, alive, breaking, tasting the residue of a thousand charred universes, signature
folded bright on stella, blazed skrull on a state_sanctioned slab, no, alluvial hands
bright arms, held, holding me

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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