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eddie vedder - you're true lyrics


lonely cliffs and waterfalls
if no one sees me i’m not here at all
you could be the one to liberate me
from the sun
so please
give the moon to me

i’d be indebted to ya
walk the dark and be good to ya
if you’d say the word
i’m yours
i’m sure

nothing ever goes my way
but with you here that only has changed
suddenly i’m a newborn child
and i’m ready to live awhile with you
there’s so much love to do

and so i thank you dearly
for letting me see clearly
open up she said, be you
be true

now i’m at home in my own skin
i’m like an ocean that starts come in
yes you could be the one to hold my hand
and meet the full moon
you could be the one
you’re true
you’re true

you’re true
you’re true
you’re true

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