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eddie noack – left over lovin’ كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
babe, you say you love me and you say you care
but something’s going on that i know ain’t fair
things just ain’t right when we’re turtledoving
i think you’re giving me leftover loving
i just can’t believe everything you said
you call me pete but my name’s ed
your lying ways ain’t getting you nothing
you’re giving me leftover loving

you kiss me like a sister, don’t hold me tight
get away with all you can
while i’m working hard, trying to do you right
you’re painting the town with another man
i’m tired of playing second fiddle, tired of all your ways
if you don’t change, i’ll tire of you someday
you better be good or i’ll be shoving
you’re giving me leftover loving


[verse 2]
i like my taters when they’re good and hot
when i make love, i give it all i’ve got
your secondhand kisses seem a little old
your leftover loving is a_leaving me cold
you come home late and your lipstick’s smeared
when i’m starting to fuss, your eyes fill with tears
i’m leaving soon and i ain’t bluffing
you’re giving me leftover loving
[piano solo]

you better kiss me like they do in the picture shows
stop treating me like your pal
i may be getting old but i’m not that slow
and i done picked me out another gal
your daddy’s getting mad and getting madder faster
there’s lots of other fillies in this pasture
i’m leaving you, ain’t stopping for nothing
i’m tired of your leftover loving

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