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earl sweatshirt & jb west – weird faces كلمات اغاني


(verse 1: mac miller)

lost in the darkness, i wander alone
my mind’s a prison, my heart a stone
i try to escape, but the demons inside
they haunt me forever, they won’t subside

the weight of the world, it’s crushing me down
i drown in my thoughts, i can’t find solid ground
the shadows they follow, they whisper my name
and i’m trapped in this cycle, this endless game

i try to break free, but it’s easier said
the darkness consumes me, it’s inside my head
i search for the light, but it’s nowhere to be found
and i’m lost in this darkness, forever bound

yo earl, i know it’s tough to ask for help
but trust me, it’s better than keeping it to yourself
i’ve been there too, feeling lost and alone
but we can’t do it all, we’re not made of stone

sometimes we need a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on
someone to tell us it’s okay, we’re not in this alone
it takes strength to admit when we’re not okay
but it takes even more to keep pushing through every day
so don’t be afraid to reach out, to let someone in
there’s no shame in asking for help when we’re struggling
we all have our demons, our battles to fight
but together we can win, we can make it right

(verse 2: earl sweatshirt)

i fell in love with the high
the rush it gave, the feeling inside
it was my escape from reality
a temporary fix for my agony

but soon it took over my life
the need to feel it, the constant strife
i was a slave to the substance
and i didn’t even notice the damage

my mind was a mess, my body frail
i was slowly deteriorating, my life for sale
i lost friends and family, all for the fix
and all i could think about was getting my next hit

it was a vicious cycle, a never_ending game
and i didn’t realize i was the one to blame
the drugs had me in their grip
and i couldn’t find a way to slip
it wasn’t until i hit rock bottom
that i realized i needed to stop them
the drugs were k!lling me, slowly but surely
and i knew i had to take action, urgently

it was hard, the withdrawal, the pain
but i had to go through it, to regain
control of my life, my mind, my soul
i had to break free, i had to be whole

it wasn’t easy, the road to recovery
but with the help of loved ones, and therapy
i slowly started to heal, to mend
and i realized that my life wasn’t over, just a bend

i learned to cope, to deal with my demons
to face them head_on, instead of numbing
and i realized that life was worth living
that there was hope, that i could be forgiving

(verse 3: earl sweatshirt)

i remember when we first met
you saw through my pain, my regret
you were there when no one else was
you saw the real me, and loved me just because
i was lost, drowning in my own thoughts
but you gave me hope, and showed me i’m not
alone in this world, that there’s a light
even in the darkest of nights

you were like a big brother, a mentor
teaching me how to cope, how to center
myself, my mind, my soul
and you never judged, you never let go

it wasn’t just the music, the lyrics
it was the person behind it, the spirit
you had a heart of gold, a soul so pure
and it radiated, it left us all in awe for sure

you taught me how to love, how to live
how to embrace the pain, and learn to forgive
you showed me that vulnerability is strength
and that even in the darkness, we can find our own length

you were the light, the beacon in the storm
and even though you’re gone, your legacy lives on
in the hearts of those you touched, those you helped
and i know you’re watching, proud of yourself

i was lost and confused, my mind under attack
but you saw through my pain, my facade
and you offered a helping hand, a kind word

you showed me a different way of living
that life was worth more than just taking and giving
that it was okay to be vulnerable, to open up
and to face my fears, instead of covering them up

you taught me the power of music, of expression
that i could use it to heal, to process my depression
and through your lyrics, i found a voice
a way to connect with others, to make a choice

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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