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dolly parton – everyday hero كلمات اغاني


he takes the train into the city to him it’s more than just a working day
cause he knows he can change the world in his ordinary way
she’s got a job she has a family she tries to keep them both together
she’s barely gettin’ by saving everything she makes
day by day it seems it’s gettin’ harder to win
hown much longer ready for their ship to come in

these are the times of the everyday hero this is the battlefield of the working man
tryin’ to survive staying alive giving it all that he can
with a fire in his soul that keeps burning and a dream in her heart that won’t die
living day to day there’s no easy way in this everyday life

they started out as high school sweethearts he promised her a life of luxury
though they don’t have riches they have everything they need
the eyes of her child are her diamonds the gift of his love are her pearl
together they plan taking a stand to make this a better world
but never breaking knowing that their dreams will begin
getting stronger in each other’s arms

there are the times of the everyday hero…

everybody has a special reason there’s a chosen road to follow
just remember nothing good comes easy
don’t surrender till you find your rainbow
[ guitar ]
these are the times of the everyday hero…