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dj dax – silhouette كلمات اغاني


verse 1 (dax):
…i know, i know, i know
the way you way you way you make me
…i know, i know, i know
the way you way you way you make me

sometimes things go crazy
all gl-ss, just had to break me
…i know, i know, i know
i’ve seen how’d you betray me
…it’s true – know that you’ll talk me up
safely the usual way that you do… baby, it’s too dark but
i clearly see that you’ll bid me adieu…
…silhouette, shadow of days that i rue

mystery inside the gl-ss, masking what it has
our love is in the past, my dream that’d never last
i yell at deities and ask them if they’re real
they tell me god is love, i guess that’s why feel, none at all

chorus (jurel):
…still a mess, you’re no good for me
…your silhouette, body’s all i see
…i’ve been attentive, visually you seem a ten, yet
ugly with the little things, cause you got me aurene

//// gotta leave your silhouette ////

verse 2 (real):
i can see your silhouette
so prominently so i can’t forget
all of the times you up and disappeared
then came back and had me thinking the heavy clouds had cleared
but i can see them in the distance girl
a summer rain is what i truly feared
here come the drizzle, scenes in every drop
the picture i took time to draw for you right now is smeared
my momma told me i should go inside
days ago but giving up ain’t really how i ride
never was so imma sit right through this storm
that the weather channel told me beforehand would form
is that the wind or is that your breath
is that the thunder or your foot step
is that the lightning or just my death
i don’t know no more but you are my meth
you are my meth

chorus (jurel)