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davide pannozzo – chasing illusions (with shawn pelton) كلمات اغاني


unconditional love

six wires

00: 00/04: 56

label: unconditional love global publishing

release date: 19-10-2017

genre: blues & rock

people: steve jordan, will lee, shawn pelton,
ricky peterson, oli rockberger, angelo misterioso.

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six wires

living loving & giving

i heard you

bring me to the light

one & only

chasing illusions

when did it happen that i felt like a stranger?
now i’m laying in my bed
i feel better thinking bout her
someday someone might break my head

when did it happen that you thought i was a thief?
i was a child and i stole a book
mama had me shaking like a leaf and told me
“if you behave like this you ain’t never be a man”

the sun is rising
waiting for a long march
hope my legs and god’ll save me
chasing illusions

the guns are shooting
bullets racing towards me
see your smiling eyes running
chasing illusions

my heart is beaming
get my arms and neck
you can’t never steal my soul away
chasing illusions

when did it happen people didn’t care about me?
i miss my land, i miss my reef
i’m still hearing the sound of my sea
inside of me
will remain the sound of peace