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david kincaid – free and green كلمات اغاني


captain taggart took the field
with his men as hard as steel
and we drove the bl–dy rebels to the sea
before the guns were stilled
there were many hundreds killed
there’s many an irish girl sad tonight

when the smoke had cleared
it was just as we had feared
captain taggart lay wounded on the ground
with his head upon my knee
there he met eternity
i proudly closed his eyes and then i cried

its whiskey in the mornin’, whiskey in the night
another irish soldier-lad, has fought his final fight
we’ll toast him till were drunk boys, and dowse the
candle light
tell them captain taggart, is comin’ home tonight

well, we took his body home
and the drums and pipes did drone
and pulled a fine black casket through the streets
we told his grievin’ wife
that he loved her more than life
and gave to his young son his father’s sword

now the people, they all dream
of an ireland free and green
where nowhere can be heard the battle-cry
the fighting’s gone too long
and it just drags on and on
i’d like to know some peace before i die