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david j – slip the rope كلمات اغاني


the gift, a hard taskmaster
shakes me out of bed
all hands on deck but one hand’s in my head
pushing in pushing out
hear the silent shout

home is where the heart is
though sometimes it bleeds
i would open a window but the air is too rare to breath
breathing out breathing in
this oxygen is thin

wrapped up in this envelope
where is it to go?
wherever it is
it’s getting there
but the getting there is slow
going out, coming in
this letter is my twin

i’ll sleep on it tonight
hope it will be alright
in the morning

if i seem so distant
it’s because i’m getting close
closer to this beating
heart of the searchers ghost
looking out looking in
forgive this sin
if it is a sin

slip the rope
set adrift and sail away
sail away

i’m not puttinq myself on a pedestal
or in the egotist’s high chair
it’s just that sometimes you have to be selfish
in order to share
a slave to this runaway horse
i can’t dismount

how can i explain this feeling inside
it’s so hard to pin down
compare it to the tide
rolling out rolling in
our ship will come in
one day our ship will come in

our ship is coming in

sleep on it tonight
sleep on it tonight
sleep on it tonight
sleep on it tonight