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david biga – steve jobs (intro) كلمات اغاني


take a look at my life and all the

sh-t that i been through but i kno

better days are coming so i tend

to smile sometimes i tend to act

wild sometimes

but i still keep a smile on my face


this is the tape before the tape
truancy on the way cause its hard
for me to stay on task now that im
back in school sh-t is kinda rough
feet off the ground so i’m kinda up
on my high horse i aint got no time
to talk in the position to make a
killing so im knocking off the
compet-tion they call me crazy
though big dark skin n-gg- with the
crazy flow but i gotta think the lord
that he made me though woah and
that’s j3 and they see hes the best
around his style is the foul but fail to
see that he may be just warming up
im just warming up is this warm
enough and this is the story of
another conflicted artist if you think
this some sick sh-t let me say it
again n case you missed it