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duwap kaine – faint كلمات اغاني


she at the gym , yeah she in shape
shaking that ass , every f_cking day
counting them digits i’m in love with cake
it’s not even my holiday , snitching put em in the snitch hall of fame
he not on a speck no not a grain
he not on a speck
double cup me man i need purple rain
love her cause she calm & s_xy
your b_tch loud & ugly
love her cause she calm & s_xy
calm & s_xy
she hit me , do common s_xting
baby girl pour up that purple rain
& ima make you cum til you strain
& that’s only if you want it
im a make you cum til you sing
trying to travel in the morning
go to utah now its , ukraine
go to nеw york , & i stole they lingo , now i’m smoking on pain
baby girl i won’t evеr change for a thing
too many hoes on my phone now she really think that i’m strange
said. i was single , & it had me feeling like wayne
met her ass at the deli , yeah let me get six wings
plus i wanna piece of you , suck up your juices with my fangs
she love that is just me , i don’t gotta be in no gang
yes i shot my shot , & i did it from long range
she don’t want nothing fancy , i bought her a pink mustang
crime mentor , baby girl already know i got stain
she said we should hang
so when she come over i am not expecting a thing
plans were changed
rode me all night yeah , til i decided to faint
roll up all night yeah , til i decided to faint

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