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dusav – city voices كلمات اغاني


gang, gang
bow, bow bow bow
gang, gang, gang, gang gang gang gang

n_ggas be broke, no paper
i got a glock with a laser
lil’ slime a shooter, he play for the lakers
line that sh_t up, he’ll give you a shape_up
n_ggas be dissing, and think that don’t faze us
now he lay in a car, full of makeup
i smoke a blunt in the mouth to wake up
catch lil’ finatic, then knock off his taper
off a 8th and some green got me bussin’
sh_t movin’ fishy, my glock what i’m clutching
like, i’ma let off a dozen
dead guys, i’ma blow that sh_t punching
like, i don’t know why these n_ggas be dissing?
all that talking, but n_ggas ain’t spinnin’
i’m tryna score, like i’m scottie pippen
he want war, n_ggas must be trippin’
jump in the streets, better know what come with it
hе a hat, then knock off his fitted
f_ck broome, thеm n_ggas gon’ get it
we got ars, and glock with extensions
n_ggas be broke, why the f_ck is you living?
and i’m from newark, where it’s robbing and k!lling
if we catch a opp, we gon’ knock off his ceiling
and we got a chop, sh_t’ll leave n_ggas twitching
cash out, get a glock with a switch
you don’t got a pole, better get a grip
slide through, we shooting at his whip
and it’s a opp, we roll him in a spliff
big smoker, i face a zip
and i’m a rapper, b_tches be on d_ck
in the trap, i’m serving dimes and nics
he was flexing, now that boy a l!ck
like, some of my n_ggas be trapping
but, a lot of my n_ggas be clapping
we outside, green dot, we active
n_ggas be cap, on bro they actors
f_ck 7, hit em’ with a passion
n_ggas be dirty, they don’t got no fashion
my n_ggas st_rdy, and we love the cash
and we got a curry, tryna score a basket
from the shiest, gotta keep me a pistol
lil’ bg, got aim, won’t miss you
big .45, sh_t rip through tissue
lil’ saj hold that wheel, no issue
bow, bow
boom bow n_ggas

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