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dtay59 & est spxzz - on my side lyrics


a_a_ay boy jdolla go craz’_

[verse 1: est spxzz]

these n_ggas they so lame
they claim est but they not the gang
we hop in a track, okay
think the whole world [?] finna go get slayed

just told my twin i’m collecting a band (on god)
everyday a new day i get payed_
keep a .59, like dtay
and i hope this b_tch don’t chase in a place

[verse 2]
she said she love me it was fake
seen it when my eyes was closed
just told my twin don’t fall in love
we cannot ever go trust a hoe

they out of state wanna be like me
they trynna go watch my flow
in a bin, on my side
wе gon run up his ass get zoe’d
[verse 3: dtay59]
(in a bin, on my side huh)

shе trynna come f_ck but i really don’t know (i really don’t know)
i keep that b_tch on the low’
gen 5 leave a n_gga rotten to core
sometimes i just feel like i’m stepping alone
my mama be worried when i’m all on my own

all my fam in the crib but i feel home alone
hm, bih i needa know
just know i can tell when you love a new whoa
hm, i ain’t even had to decide to take that b_tch to the 305

[verse 4]
i catch a opp lacking in cod wit’ the guys
you said you wouldn’t go when you looked in my eyes
you said that you love me like bih why you lie?
i whip the bl!ck on a opp by surprise
i whip my d_ck out on a b_tch in the night
told the bit’ to sit down this a 10 minute drive

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