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doughboylou – steppalations 13:00 كلمات اغاني


i’m a winner how bout you, getting green vegetarian
after i f___ i hotbox the room, gas in the air again
hop out vroom woke up in amiri drip
drop top porsche go ku, headless horseman the scariest
she don’t f___ with my opps too, i might just marry her
diamond’s doing cha cha moves diamonds shoot like a flare gun
touch me watch bro hop out shoot
n____ we ain’t having no fair ones
if i eat gang eat too
two baddies we sharing them
n____ do what you do
don’t let n____ carry you
i ran it up to the moon, just like barry do
they can’t do it like lou, they think i’m an alien
only baddies allowed in this room don’t come to my area
pockets full of buried dudes, i ain’t evеn know pockets make a fist
got ya b____ in the f____ing mood but i ain’t tryna takе it there
f___ it
i might just take it there
from the trench i ain’t never see chandeliers
b_tch we ain’t never see chandeliers
like hold on
don’t bring cameras here
whole lotta ps and hammers here
hide ya hoe from me
i might just add my share
she invested, i stretch her out like a panorama

then i go paint here face
make expressions like anime
i’m really getting cake
b____ it’s dem ways

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