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dondria – pretty wings كلمات اغاني


“pretty wings”

i don’t want this thing to come to a demise
it may be a surprise as to how much i adore you
i just want to love you
i hope you understand me
’cause every time that i look in your eyes
i always think about all the time we spent together
in my mind forever
don’t you ever leave me

please don’t worry, don’t have no fear
your superwoman’s here to save you, fixing all your problems
are you feeling me?
i want you to stay with me

so we can see if we should be and make some history
at night i can’t fall asleep
please stay with me, don’t ever leave
i’m begging please, i’m begging please

let me have you
let love set you free to float your pretty wings around
pretty wings your, pretty wings your
pretty wings, pretty wings around