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domo genesis – fuck everybody else كلمات اغاني


f-ck everybody else

don’t act like you don’t know what i’m talking about

no mercy for the weak
you found yourself too deep
now reversin back through the creek
quit b-tchin’ on your words birds and rehearsing what they preach
i walk with purpose in these streets
this ain’t no nervousness in me
i heard it first that they was sleep
well i hope this sh-t is tempurpedic
so you can feel real comfortable while i f-cking lead it
i’m pr-ne to kill, i’m now feeling like it’s open season
don’t hail over me b-tch i’ll tear your heart into f-cking pieces
stuffing marijuana in the broken cigar
crack the sunroof i like to feel close to the stars
used to be shy, and now i’m like the biggest boast in the yard
too close to y’all, there ain’t no hope in approaching me dawg
feelin’ like a villain in the city
puffin’ sticky, sippin’ sizzy
word to juicy b-tch, i’m trippy
the exclusive b-tch that’s with me, making sure my drink ain’t tippin’
while i’m hangin’ out in the back like the n-gg- that killed biggie
young doms and i bleed ice water
but if a b-tch get me in a right mind, i might offer
one night, let her shine one time then lights off her
i’m hard, you n-gg-s bark loud and bite softer
teeth marks all in my style, that might cost ya
broke jaw leave you a light talker
i roll dope and i ignite often
it’s no mercy for the weak
if you sleep i hope you make it through the night partner

[outro: left brain]
yeah motherf-cka
don’t sleep on my n-gg- doms, my n-gg-
y’all n-gg-s don’t even know my n-gg-
we out here
f-ck everybody else n-gg-
it’s wolf gang n-gg-
shouts out to my n-gg- alchemist
we out here
bangin’ n-gg-
it’s left brain motherf-cka
yeah n-gg-, left brain said it

don’t act like you don’t know what i’m talking about