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dme – nature كلمات اغاني


wo yɛ odomankoma nyame
yew yew yew
ampara sɛ wo yɛ odmankoma nyame
firi mere tenten santen
abɔdeɛ ahyaseɛ agya
obi nni w’anim nni wakyi oooo
woyɛ odomankoma nyme
higher, we lift your name higher
we lift your name higher
elshaddai, elshaddai
el enyo na adoni
age to age you are still the same
by the power of your name
elshaddai, elshaddai
el kamka na adoni
we will praise and lift you high
let your living water flow over my soul
let your holy spirit come and take control
of every situation that has troubled my mind
all my cares and burdens unto you i roll
oh lord my god when i in awesome wonder
conside all the world thy hands have made
i see the stars, i hear the rolling thunder
that p-ss throughout the universe display
then sings my soul
my saviour lord to thee
how great thou art
(repeat 2x)
what a friend we have in jesus
all our sins and grief to bear
what a privilege to carry
everything to god in prayer
oh what peace we often fulfil
oh what needless pain we bear
all becausewe do not carry
every thing to god in prayer
mije oyi nuntso mije oyi
mokobe nita mobo
yenile ye sum)
ye f3wk3 hewale
nuntso mokobe ni tamobo
meyi way3 nyame meyi way3
obiara nte s3 wo
w) nimde3 mu,)d) mu,
aho)fe mu ne aho)den mu
awurade, obiara ntes3 wo
da nase, da nase, da onyame ase
efiri s3 oye na nad)y3 w)h) daa
da nasa da nase, da onyame ase
ne din no mu
w) jesus ne din no mu ooo
nyame b3tie y3n mpaeb)
w) jesus ne din ni mu oooo
ab)fo rekyi y3n ho
jesus siarfo, jesus siarfo
woa wode woho maa me nti
jesus siarfo, jesus siarfo
ma memmra mm) hom wo mu
in his time, in his time
he makes all things beautiful
in his time
lord my life to you i bring
may each song i have to sing
be to you a lovely thing
in your time
i have no other god but you
jehovah is your name
mighty warrior, great in battle
jehovah is your name
jehovah (you are the most high)
jehovah (you are the most high god)