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dj tha prince – like to party كلمات اغاني


(sl!ck rick)
and it goes a lil somthing like this (hit it)
loodie doddie we like to party
loodie doddie we like to party
loodie doddie we like to party
loodie doddie we like to party

hook (dj tha prince)
get ya hands up
get cha get cha get cha hands up
get ya hands up
get cha get cha get cha hands up

yall like to party like we do
now if yall like to party like that

get cha get cha get cha hands up
get ya hands up
get cha get cha get cha hands up
get ya hands up

like rick said loodie dodie we like to party
we dont cause trouble we dont bother n0body
lil mama she popped a molly this dude just popped a x
he starting to flex they both starting to sweat
i guess the after party is in the er room
its drunks everywhere throwing up in the restroom
if you can’t hold your liquor in dont even try to drink
if you are not a toker dont even try to cheif
good grief we all came to do the same thang mane
have a lil fun turn up and get some
whats the rule of thumb
drink party and pass out
she showing her ass out
really she trying to cash out

verse 2
man im so throwed im drunk i sound buzzing tho
im two stepping but i ain’t doing no zodico
we all feeling this vibe its live no time to jive
you lied if you said you ain’t feeling this hoe. (straight up)
party people in the place to be
and its a pretty young thang twerking next to me
screaming party party party lets all get waisted
you only live once so you might as well embrace it
moment of life. im like you know what you right
we should toast to the night. and take a shot for this life
you look back in 85 the grand wizard rocked the mic with a hit
??? ricky d start a show off like this


the party dont stop until the fat lady scream
or the police hit the scene cause somebody caused a scene
man im too clean watch the glass in your step
ima tear them up to death and i dont say that for my health
ass bobbing hips moving we all grooving
to this nice old school and new school fusion
its all good until somebody misses
i am from the city that got the whole world screwed up
sipping out of two cups call it lean on me
bend it over drop it low bust it open for me
go ahead strike a pose your bad from head to toes
and everybody knows dont worry about them hating hoes