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div3s – quaterlifecrisis ~ interlude. كلمات اغاني


tuesday the 3rd of may 2022
villareal 2 _ 3 liverpool, so far
2_5 on aggregate

don’t go wasting your life
you got time to decide
don’t go wasting your mind
don’t keep it locked up inside (aight check me out)

i could have been a fireman but chose to bring the heat
i could have been a chef now i’m chopping up the beats
i could have been developer or a programmer
i could have been in politics, a pro in propaganda
i could have been a pilot but never had the vision
and i could have been rapper but that never was the mission
now i’m in debt and i’m looking for remission
i’m way too indecisive and it’s all about admission
it’s all about thе diligence, it’s all about the grind
it’s about thе power and it’s about the drive
i’m all about the flow when i go in with the rhymes
been sleeping on this too long, it’s about time
winter was cold so i’m spending summer stunting
gone off the mj and i wanna be startin’ something
black air forces and i moonwalk in ’em
black leather jacket and the black washed denim, k!llem! (but i’m not a rapper)
don’t go wasting your life
you won’t young forever
(aye, may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows)
don’t go wasting soul
you got a long way to go
(but we ain’t even thinkin’ that far, ya know what i mean?)

yo, spit your flow
get your dough
can’t f_ck with this div3s sh_t tho

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