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disguised malignance - unearthly extinction lyrics


for ages i’ve been bulinding this sickness
intentions beyond human consciousness
all the sides
i’ve been able to witness
with great power
comes great ferociousness
in here there’s no room for the both of us
your final supper will soon be served
all this among you i’ve been oblivious
to your eye i cannot be observed

your perception is not the peak
of our multidimensional existence
knowing so little yet trying to seek
a position bеyond your natural presence

outsidе your consciousness
there’s things you cannot see
i have existed prior to your very first breath
my intensions may not be disturbed
the next step for humanity is to face death

no way to escape
from the unearthly extinction
i cannot be stopped
i am hatred’s incarnation _
a storm of desolation
sweeps through the mother earth
total annihilation
revokes carnal rebirth
see your world on fire
as i finally decompose it
what you have built for aeons
blasting to the eternal orbit

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