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disciple – collision كلمات اغاني



[verse 1]
the calm that comes before this rage
love that conquers all this hate
the sweating hands that hold on tight
far too late to stop this slide

strip this away if it’s what it takes
i’m ready to break

lean forward
i’m bracing for collision
run faster
i’m chasing your collision

[verse 2]
shattered pieces in my eyes
sweet comfort has p-ssed me by
wings no longer spread in flight
far too late to stop this dive

i’m not running away
i’m not running away
i’m chasing, i’m chasing you

exodus 33:9-11 / exodus 34:29-35 / job 42:5-6 / isaiah 6:4-5 / acts 9:3-9

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

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