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dimiko – go crazy كلمات اغاني


[verse: dimiko]

you ain’t talking bout no money well that’s where your ass lost me
out on bond to live this life it cost me
should’ve k!lled you when u cross me
thats what a bad b_tch bought me
trapping selling dog food to all the junkies
i’m short but i keep a choppa the size of mutombo
i’ll kidnap you then turn your b_tch ass turn u to sum gumbo
i know that i’m pressure but i’d rather stay humble
i’m from out west b_tch i come from the jungle
the feds tryna watch what i built up crumble
told her to take this plan b you ain’t playing me
go get you sum money it’s easy like abc
p_ssy n_gga dissing on me duck from this 223
in the streets it’s either you or me n_ggas еnd up deceased
f_ck with mе ima make sure the murder rate increase
i guarantee you ima make it back to my family
f_ck then kick thots right out of the embassy
all the money i be generating i feel like the treasury
i bust on her face your b_tch love to pleasure me
she know i can change her life b_tch you better cherish me
its already sold watching money go up steadily
i know you just only tryna get over on a young solider
i f_ck on bad b_tches that be in a range rover
bring me money hoe don’t make me lose my composure
you a soft ass n_gga i go hard i can mold u
ima cut your ass off if i feel like i outgrowed u
i only need 10 min baby i’m not tryna hold you
i was selling all white like my air forces
in the trenches it get vicious watch ova your shoulder
i make what u made in 2 weeks in a day
making bags disappear i feel like david blaine
i see that must be the reason why u talking hating
eyes red satan, get my nut off then i’m skating

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