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diligent delinquents – wyd كلمات اغاني


f_ck that, we going right through, let’s get it
i am, you are, we are all stars

they asking “nick, where you been?”, sh_t i’ve been on my grind
don’t worry ’bout me, i’m fine, just got a lot on my mind
like how to obtain this paper without wasting my time
time is my only enemy, time is the only friend i need
everything i am is everything they could never be
i already gave you my heart, here go the rest of me
she whispered that she loves me when she was gone off the ecstasy
when they ask to cook up the dope, i got the recipe
the flavor heavy, i been seasoned and sauced
keeping the ball in my court, cashing 3’s from the arc
big plays were made, i stayed me from the start
the whole world’s a stage, are you playing your part?
earth turns, bridges burn, you know you live and you learn
the only way it’s gonna stay is if it was earned
they heavy talking that tough sh_t, frankly we ain’t concerned
once they hear us coming, they s_stutter every word
you won’t see me iced out, money couldn’t control me
just because we homies it doesn’t mean that you know me
i stay to myself a lot, i don’t show my hand for nothing
once they know them bands is coming you look em in they eye
and you know that they can’t be trusted
a man was once a god, and here we are, just living in his image
but put the devil close and it’s harder to tell the difference
when tempted with a challenge myself, i’ve never been timid
it might take 40 nights, but i fight to go the distance
never ’bout where you start, it’s always ’bout where you finish
always ’bout pushing harder and never giving an inch
breaking it past the barriers, pushing it past the limits
and when the choir’s singing, you give me your final wishes
my friends and family gathered, they cryin’ and reminiscin’
i fade it all to black and i no longer exist
i hope that you spin this record and understood my intentions
it’s passion

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