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dieagnostic - err apparent lyrics


seeing is believing and believing is unreal
senses are still reeling from the shock that i feel
’cause everything is so f_cked and so wrong
i just can’t continue to play along
you see in this mentality that we are harboring
ignorance is the ‘in’ thing
but i just can’t accept this disrespect of intellect
because it has such deadly side effects

we just close our eyes
to shut out the lies
we try to fantasize
while we sleep through the world demisе

impossible to perceivе
dysfunctional society
yet reality still penetrates
and so does all this f_cking hate

i’m not a fake healer
or a pain dealer
i’m not an enemy in disguise

i’m just a reject
a social defect
a little ho_rs_ now from these desperate cries
i don’t claim to know anything
except what i am sold
and i am only beginning
to question what i’m told
as should you

something is wrong
everything is wrong

what is this?
it’s nonsense, bullsh_t

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