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dexter payne. - no distrubition lyrics


it’s a whole lot different this time

[verse 1]
i been battlin’ myself every second and minute, so f_ck what you thought, i done been through the pain
i was so tired of sinkin’ and fallin’, i’m back on my 10, i ain’t fallin’ today
most of my people don’t know where i been, but they know i’m the best with a mic in my face
i been so tired of talkin’, i’m lockin’ myself in the crib, i ain’t sayin’ a thing
b_tch, i get active, no pistol i’m packin’, but f_ck if they speak on the sound of my name
f_ck what they askin’, gon’ play that sh_t back, if you lackin’, you might wanna switch up yo’ game
b_tch, i go crazy, i f_ck with the gang and no problem, ain’t n0body ready for sh_t that i’m plottin’
my city don’t know what the f_ck that i got, they ain’t down with my name, they can pay me in homage
i came in this game with a pеn in my pocket, a dutch in my hand that i kicked in the procеss
ain’t n0body show me the sh_t i deserve, but i don’t give a f_ck ’cause i know what i’m worth

[verse 2]
f_ck that, talkin’ with the [?], better run back
i don’t even gotta talk, kid, i’m content
f_ckin’ with the kid, get you pinned like a thumbtack
f_ck up out a b_tch, i’ll put a k!ller in a bloodbath
one time for the king of the gang
two times for the clique, for the people that can’t
give a f_ck what they named, get the f_ck out my vision
i could run a f_ckin’ circle, run ahead like [?]
i made a difference, so n0body f_ckin’ get how i’m livin’
i f_ckin’ made it to a level that they never envisioned
i got a million dollar pen with all the sh_t that i’ve written
i had to tell ’em what it is, so they know what it isn’t, nah
i hate doin’ this sh_t

[verse 3]
like d_mn, son, f_ck what they thought
box me and i’ll break out the box
i don’t f_ck with the hoes, i don’t f_ck with the thots
i been all by myself like it’s all that i got
my mother and brother, that’s all that i need
i been talkin’ to god, tryna sever my greed
homie, f_ck what they thought, man, i’m ’bout to get active
i’m battlin’ sh_t, i ain’t never been passive

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