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dexta daps – 1 minute كلمات اغاني


chimney record
just 1 minute
ooooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
woo-woo, woo-woo, woo-woo, woo, woo

[verse 1:]
mi run up inna situation, mi woulda like it if you tell me if mi wrong
a gyal a tell mi say, she woulda waan know if mi can f-ck like mi song
so mi tell her, if she fall fi the f-ck, inna a short sp-ce a time we belong
if a the sun in a jamaica she love, mi woulda like if she can give me one

a minute deh, a minute deh
a minute deh, nuh p-ss me
if you could just gi’ me da minute deh
wha’ it a go cost me?
if you could just gi’ mi da minute deh
a just da minute deh mi waan fi
show you why every man weh see you waan you so badly

[verse 2:]
dem say, “good girl still exist”, right now mi still a look out fi one a dem
and good man still out there, but some gyal a p-ssy up some of dem
so girl, just don’t make no man make you don’t trust no man again
and come be mi baby, and me make you push out one of dem

[repeat chorus]

mi waan show you one minute, under some strong lyrics, can make me have you weak
the same minute weh you give me, bet it a go make me john go beat
put it pon you, make you cyan walk fi one more week
promise you i’ll make your good p-ssy c-m if your man don’t do it

[repeat chorus]