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​devvn كلمات اغاني


[intro: definitelycamy, kittykat & devvn]
devvn, devvn
devvn, devvn
devvn, devvn
devvn, devvn
yo shut up right quick
thank you
i just landed home, b_tch
i just landed home from cancún, b_tch

[verse: devvn]
i just landed home from cancún, b_tch i’m a different man
keep running your mouth, we spin your block just like a ceiling fan
d.e.v.v.n lil’ b_tch, like what that spell? yeah ask devvn
call up drty hikk, he kick your ass just like you was a can
i stay with my word lil hoe so you know c_fly still the gang
how the f_ck you liking water? i got tris in this mustang
it’s been a year since purp4lyfe, coming back like a boomerang
you switched up on me, now want back in, no b_tch we cannot hang

[chorus: devvn]
b_tch you isn’t purple gang, and you never was
i know your ass a furry, b_tch i saw the fuzz
used me for weed, like who the f_ck does?
c_fly would’ve been better because
[outro: c_fly & devvn]
ay, hold up, hold up
oh, sh_t
you saying too much, bro
oh, my bad
ay it’s aight, jus_, just go easy next time

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