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destructo disk – goth queen (reign surpreme) كلمات اغاني


cheerleading captain, that’s not the girl for me
i want someone who can kick my ass and put me in my place
she’s got to bathe in black with pale skin on her face
i like the way she wears a dress with her combat boots

stir the witches pot
make some garlic bread
every halloween, goth queen will rise up from the dead
and i’m aware that it is strange to have feelings for a wiccan
but you know that i know that you like goth chicks just as much as i do

don’t be afraid to be afraid of them
call 1_800_gothqueen now
have her join the crew, help her fall in love
chill. cute. k!ll

yeah, alright
she’s stranded on the moon
and i think she wants to fight me

time has passed
we’ve smoked enough grass to form a habitat in the cells of our bodies
i’m not ready for “new game _plus”
so she’s getting off the tour bus, rocket ship, whatever…
she’s always sitting there, reading a book
deep in my subconscious, leaning on a black cat
i fell in love with a dark haired girl