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desire (rapper) – 4a.m. كلمات اغاني


i’ve been spendin’, i’ve been sippin’
tried to show you something different but you stayed real distant
and my love was so consistent, yo love was not existent
all this time went missin, money turned a b_tch from christian
had to teach the b_tch a lesson, she ain’t show me no progression
i’m tryna be humble but i’m tryna rumble
pick me up in the four door, choppas up in the backrow like ooh
pourin’ up
2020 my whip was born, now that b_tch a foreigner
baby you ain’t gotta gaslight kayb like that
these n_ggas sound so cheesy, these some f_ckin’ rats
you see me, i’m up in moncleezy, i got the drum attached
and f_ck all thеse p_ssy ass rappers, they somе bomboclats
we ride, we ride, h_llcat trackcats
pass me that bl!ck, i’m gon’ blast that
in the city love how i’m livin’
in the city come see how i’m livin’
in the city, yeah i love how i’m livin

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