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desaster - hellfire's dominion lyrics


flames are dancing in my eyes
firey glance shows no disguise
the devil’s mark is shining clear
fullmoon lurks, now h-ll is near

with eyes of evil now i can see
the darkside opens it’s gates for me
i feel the l-st and burning pain
see h-rny flames who shall domain

ruler of infernal fire
light my eyes with dark desire
words of wisdom calling for h-ll
words of holy can’t break my spell

h-llfire’s dominion [x4]

[repeat bridge]

[repeat chorus]

evil voices summon the night
for the one to spread his wings
souls of black eagerly awaiting
the coming of the h-rned

and in the depths of the underworld
our unholy chants will be heard
master rise with h-rns of death
and we will be prepared

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