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desaster - angel extermination lyrics


woke again just for raising h-ll
spreading all my deadly spells
avoid those demons nothing to bare
nothing to care
and you want me reborn

this is
angel extermination
spreading the best of h-ll
ride their wings with domination
nothing to regret

betrayer end in twilight fire
no need for your new few messiah
come on most filthy world to lead
this rotten playground sp-wned from violent dreams
riding storm winds, forcing chaos at all
tyrants and kings
the end in fire is yours [x2]
and you want me reborn

the future now is written
all visions have come true
you wish my live would end now
a last step we all do
we all do

kill or be killed
now break their master spell
raping all their thoughts of need
no salvation only death supreme
chaos ahead and the storm on my side
all will fall but we will survive
death reward a lesson in gore
annihilation my ultimate l-st

and you want me reborn

[repeat refrain]

nothing to regret evermore


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