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delon ellis – eulogy كلمات اغاني


d_mn, things ain’t how they use to be
people change, you ain’t stay the same, ain’t no jubilee
i was always true to you, you weren’t true to me
throw away the unity, treat it more like truancy
ended far from truthfully, curtain call so brutally
many lies were told should have seen that sh_t like lunacy
should have headed for the door, first sign you were fooling me
can’t believe it ain’t get through to me, this is our eulogy

long overdue if we be keeping it real
i would take back еvery f_cking drop that i spilled
like i’m still feeling it still, what you prеtended to fill
i be mending all these scars but still they ain’t fully healed
and i been filling all these gaps in ways i should have stayed clear
but the issues that i have i don’t let anyone near
i just lay it all on tracks and let the therapy blear
i’m just hoping that one day this sh_t will all disappear
like i wasted all my energy by putting you first
when you ain’t who you pretend to be that sh_t be the worst
never knew you had that tendency to point that finger back at me
you don’t know what that meant to me, cos i ain’t do dirt
but one finger point forward always 3 point back
i guess the honesty i had everything that you lacked
now every time i see you name, the memories come attached
they ain’t the same, they dead to me and we ain’t running this back

got me thinking was you really just a fake all along
got me thinking was this all a game you played from the start
got me thinking, got me drink away the pain till it’s gone
got me thinking, got me deep into my feelings, too long
cos other people feel the consequence, bet you never pondered that
selfish on your part, instead of playing should have called it quits
i done learned a lot from this
now i want no part of this
when you calling all you get is dial tone, i ain’t gon call you back