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deathsouljah – wasted fairies كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
murder on the call
devils number on my phone
locked in my room
ain’t no b_tch get in my zone
in my dungeon f_cking hoes
and all my homies got the crystal
in their nose
get slit, eat sh_t, from my sword
all these f_ckers talking sh_t about me
i don’t give no f_ck
go ahead and f_ck they hoe f_ck them twice
and f_ck ’em nice

[verse 2]
switchblade in my hand
slice a motherf_cker open like a rubber band
i’ma get the price one day
and you ain’t gonna see that day
yeah i like to misfit
i’ma motherf_cking rеbel in this b_tch
got a pretty b_tch
and she castin spеlls on my d_ck
f_ck her til she twitch
i’ma motherf_ckin glitch in this b_tch
glitch in this b_tch
glitch in this b_tch aye
[verse 3]
мань чинь энгийн байх дургүй
мань чинь шидэт гинжтэй
that b_tch is like a blunt
hit her once and pass it on
энэ тоглоомийг би тоглох дургүй
хичээх шаардлага надад байхгүй
энэ тоглоомийн би тоглох албагүй
хичээхгүйгээр мань чинь ялдын, yuh

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