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death before dishonor - play your part lyrics


play your f-cking part you’re just a f-cking target i know you have no heart so stop the f-cking front i see right through your lies you claim your hardcore but you never f-cking fight you’re nothing but a f-cking fake i’m bringing back what this was once all about you fashion core hippies are getting knocked out one shot to your head you cry like a girl you will learn all too well this is my f-cking world you choose as a playground for fantasy fun but i’m here to show you that bullsh-t is done so end this facade you’ll never be hard don’t come around here or you’re leaving with scars i don’t give a sh-t about scene unity we’re at the same show but you’re no friend to me because i don’t know you and you don’t know me so get the f-ck out with your fake family you try so d-mn hard to be cool in the scene but scene’s are just bullsh-t and you fail to see you use what i love to get yourself known cuz you can’t seem to get by on your own get the f-ck away play your f-cking part i know you have no heart i see right through your lies you never f-cking fight f-cking fake you can’t stand a chance in my world witness the pain that dwells you won’t stand a chance in my world confront the truth that lies within yourself

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