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davedium – life كلمات اغاني


is boy davedium
[ intro ]
all over the world world, people are seeking god
people of all ages and cultures are fishing meaning searching for purpose, trying to make a connection with something they can call “god”
[ verse 1]

you are someone the people in your life are not sure what is going on with you
you uncharacteristically starting quitting, buying and selling things unholy people confused about you
you have discover being young you had energy and plans and optimism and a whole lie ahead of you
do what you can to either forget that you are mortal and will soon die
do what you can because you know you are mortal and will soon die
[ verse 2]
you are going through ground level thinking about your life, your death and the meaning of it all, and your actions corresponding to one might prefer is what keeps you moving forward
to live is to go forward
not knowing all you would like to know

we are all fishermen in search of god
some of us are more dedicated than others do
some seem to experience more of what it is they are doing and what exactly they are going after than others do
but we all fishermen seeking a connection with god
[ out_ro]
to be sincere many says god does not exist but believers die saying he exists
unknown god, now what you worship as something unknown, i am going proclaim to you the god who made the world and everything in it is the lord of heaven and earth from one man he made every nation of men
walk through the before you run because at some point in life it happens at least to those who grow up near the shores of lake michigan you are standing on top of a sand dune, some 400 feet above the shore and you can run faster than you ever run before

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